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Binders Inc. was founded in November 1981, in Charlotte, North Carolina. IBM had just introduced the first personal computer which would run the MS-DOS operating; however most people including us, were still utilizing press type for art and type layout. Stamps were 20 cents, gas was around $1.35 a gallon and Private Eyes by Hall and Oates was topping the charts in the US.  As a side note, as we are in the South and all, Hank Jr. was topping the Country charts singing about all of his rowdy friends settling down.  
Our humble start began on Foster Avenue in the southend of Charlotte, NC. Producing only binders at first, we quickly saw a need to add index tabs to our product line. At first we manufactured the index tabs in a separate building and air conditioning amounted to a block of ice with a fan behind it. Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up! After only a few years, we needed additional space for manufacturing and moved a few blocks up the road to our Griffith Street location where we would stay for 26 years. Our Griffith St. location saw a lot of transformation within not only our city, but also our industry. In April 2010, we moved to our current facility in the north end of town where we're minutes from both I-77 and I-85. It is a great location and we think this is the best fit yet!
Things have changed over the years, but our commitment to customer service and quality product remains the same. We value every customer no matter how large or small and hope that ordering is not only easy, but enjoyable!
Thank you for considering us for your project!