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What is a turned edge binder?

Custom binder FAQs: common question and answers

What is a turned edge binder?

Turned edge binders (also referred to as “casemade binders”) are similar in construction and durability to hardbound book covers. They can be custom designed with full-color images, rich textures and sharp graphics, then upgraded using special techniques such as metallic foil stamping and embossing/debossing. Turned edge binders are often preferred over traditional vinyl binders for presentations, proposals and menus because they have a more professional and polished look.

Why is it called a “turned edge” binder?

The term “turned edge” refers to how the binder is constructed. Similar to traditional hardbound book binding, a turned edge binder is created by wrapping and gluing a cover material (often printed or laminated) around a sturdy and rigid paperboard or chipboard. The edges of the cover material bend around the paperboard and are glued down on the inside cover of the binder, creating a smooth edge. This overlapping is where the name “turned edge” comes from.

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What are the different types of turned edge binders?

Here at Binders Inc., a premier North Carolina binder manufacturer, we can customize your casemade binders any way you want! For this reason, turned edge binders can come in many different shapes, sizes and types. Here’s a handful of common examples:

  • Traditional. This is our popular standard casemade binder with a custom printed cover.
  • Roundback. These turned edge binders have a curved, or rounded, spine. They are also referred to as casemade binders with a “European hinge” or “Euro hinge” spine.
  • Wraparound. These are casemade binders with a flap that can fold around the front of the binder for optional closure. This type of binder can help keep your files more secure and protected.
  • Mini. The size of your binder will depend on the size of the paper material you want it to hold. Generally, the smallest a turned edge binder goes is 8.5″ x 5.5.″ However, at Binders Inc., we can build a memo-size binder to hold any material, even if your sheet size isn’t listed. These types of binders are common for membership directories and phone lists.
  • Easel. Casemade easel binders are great for presentations and turned over a sturdy, durable board material. 
  • Landscape. Turned edge landscape binders are custom built to hold landscape oriented pages in a professional and durable location.

What are the benefits of turned edge binders?

One of the main benefits of turned edge binders is their polished look and feel. Many businesses use them to give their company a sense of professionalism, importance and designation. Other advantages of turned edge binders include:

  • Durability. Our binders are constructed using high quality materials and are extremely long-lasting.
  • Color. Our binders can be printed with vibrant full-color artwork, logos and graphics, adding an extra pop to the final look and feel.
  • Graphics. In addition to full color, these binders can feature sharp, intricate graphics that give your binder a professionally branded look.
  • Creativity. Since most turned edge binder covers are seamless, they can be printed with artwork that extends around to the spine and back of the binder — or even inside! This gives you more freedom to design a binder that is truly a piece of art.
  • Options. As with all our binders, you can customize your casemade turned edge binders for your exact needs — including specifying the ring capacity ( standard 3 ring, 2-ring, 4-ring, 6-ring, 7-ring and more), sheet sizes, number and type of pockets, ring type, colors/finishes, and even a case slip.

What are the common applications of turned edge binders?

Turned edge binders are perfect for any situation where you need to make a good impression with a professional book-like binder. A few of the most common examples include: 

  • Presentations and displays
  • Proposals
  • Menus
  • Sales meetings
  • Catalogs
  • Portfolios

Casemade binders are commonly used in many different industries — including athletics, education, hospitality, automotive, financial, agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare.

If you’re looking for a professional and durable binder for your next presentation, display, proposal or sales pitch, few binders offer the high quality appearance of a turned-edge (casemade) binder. Perfect for many occasions, these binders can feature your company’s logo, a background image and/or another custom graphic. This look can then be enhanced and polished using special printing techniques such as embossing, debossing and metallic foil stamping. 

Casemade binders offer the professional look and feel of a published book, with the function and durability of a high quality binder.