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Digital Files vs. Print Binders for Law Offices

digital files versus print legal binders

It seems like almost everyone’s going digital these days. But in certain sectors paper still has its place.

Especially in a law office.

As a legal professional in the digital age, you must ask yourself: paper files or digital files? Which is best?

The Case for Digital Files

  • Storage. One of the biggest benefits of digital files is that they don’t take up any office space. Your work space may already be cramped, and finding a way to store physical documents neatly in an office can be challenging. In addition, downtown office space is expensive, so reducing the amount of physical space you need can lower overhead costs.
  • Accessibility. Being able to access documents quickly, especially while on the go, is another great benefit of digital files. Search functionality also makes finding specific documents easier.

The Case for Print Binders

  • Readability/Retention. Paper is easier to read and better for retention. One Dartmouth study found that paper reading was preferred for gaining a better understanding abstract concepts.
  • Reliability. Have you ever tried to access an online file when the internet service is unreliable? Very frustrating. For attorneys, being unable to access certain documents at a certain time can be more than annoying—it can be detrimental to a case. Paper, on the other hand, isn’t going to disappear on you.
  • Security. Hacking is more prevalent than ever. Hackers can find ways to get around even the best of security measures. Paper files can’t be hacked and are kept secure by different means.

In a society where everything seems to be digital, well-organized legal binders definitely still have many useful applications in law offices. Of course, both digital and print have their place depending on the project.

Many important information and documents flow in and out of legal offices, and these should be kept in a high quality three ring binder that will protect them and hold up to extensive use. At Binders Inc., we stand behind the quality of our products. Contact us today to get a quote or start your order.