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Binders Inc Terms of Payment

Binders Inc “standard payment terms” requires a 50% deposit at time of order and a 50% final payment before order is shipped. Binders Inc will use the same credit card for the final payment as the deposit, unless otherwise directed.

If the final payment cannot be completed on the credit card on file, we will contact the customer to request a replacement card. The customer has 14 days from the date the customer is notified the order is ready to ship to provide an alternate form of payment. After 14 days, a 1.5% storage charge shall be assessed. Upon 30 days after the storage charge is assessed, if an alternate payment method is not provided and/or a final payment is not made, the order shall cancel, the deposit shall be forfeited, and Binders Inc shall dispose of the material in a manner that allows Binders Inc to recover as much of its loss revenue as possible from this transaction – including reselling goods as designed by the customer, or using goods as sample materials in the selection process for other customers. Any customer that has not completed payment after 14 days from notification that product is ready to ship, including providing an alternative form of payment if required, shall automatically convert to 100% payment required at time of order for all future orders. By placing this order, the customer agrees Binders Inc can dispose of the custom material produced under this sales order, with the customer’s trademarks, etc, in a manner of Binders Inc choosing, if full payment is not made within 45 days after product is ready to ship.

While Binders Inc no longer offers payment terms except credit card payment as described in “standard payment terms”, Binders Inc will honor all previous payment term agreements in place at time of order, as long as the customer has placed on order within the last 2-years. If an order has not been placed within the prior 2-years by the customer with Binders Inc, the customer shall automatically convert to “standard payment terms” as described above, requiring a 50% deposit at time of order and 50% payment at time order is complete. All other terms and conditions contained above (under “standard payment terms”) shall also apply.

For all customers ordering under a prior payment term arrangement, if payment is not received as agreed, a 1.5% interest charge shall be applied 30 days after payment is due, and for every 30 days thereafter. The customer is automatically converted to “standard payment terms” after 30 days late. The customer is converted to credit card requiring 100% payment at time of order after 60 days late. Binders Inc refers any customer over 60 days late to outside collections, and all additional resultant collection cost and expenses are the burden of the customer.

After customer approves artwork, drawings, or proofs for release to production, all sales are final and full payment is expected as described herein.

Secure payments can be made directly on our website at the footer of the website under the link “make deposit or payment”. Further information for remittance of payments is included on all invoices.

As a convenience, Binders Inc requires a 100% payment at time of order for all orders placed under “shop now”, including Clear View Binders, and a 100% payment for all orders placed with a “rapid ship” request.

Binders Inc reserves the right to display any product manufactured at Binders Inc on Binders Inc website and Binders Inc affiliated websites, and use any excess product not purchased by the customer as “samples” for the selection process of other potential Binders Inc customers. Binders Inc does not sell any excess product not purchased by the customer. Importantly, Binders Inc does not display any product not purchased by customers for “resell” to other end customers as long as all payments have been made as described within. It is assumed product is for resale to other customers if the resale box is checked at time of order.

Binders Inc has a long history of delivering product by the customer’s requested ship date, and will not accept orders for ship dates we do not believe we can meet. Binders Inc does not guarantee any ship dates, and ship dates are provided solely as a convenience. However failure to meet a ship date constitutes no breach of contract whatsoever, and Binders Inc assumes no liability whatsoever for missing a customer’s requested ship date in excess to the value of the order being shipped. Depending on seasonality, Binders Inc ship dates can range from an average of 7 days during certain parts of the calendar year, to 21 days during the most busy season. Binders Inc quotes 21 days ship lead time and will modify our ship time estimate based on customer needs and Binders Inc work load at that time, at the customer’s request.

Return/Refund Policy:

Due to the custom nature of our products, there is no return/refund policy for our products. If you have questions about the product you are ordering, we are happy to discuss this in detail prior to your ordering. If you have defective materials and products that have issues due to defective workmanship, please contact your sales representative for a solution.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the custom nature of our products, it is important to place your order ONLY when you are sure that you would like to order. There is no option for cancelling orders once they are placed as the materials are ordered and trimmed for your custom product after your order is placed.

Delivery/Shipping Policy:

We are happy to ship to the United States of America including Hawaii and Alaska. In addition, we can ship to Canada and Puerto Rico. Countries, other than those listed, should be discussed with your sales representative.

Important Information from Binders, Inc. included on Estimates:

Estimates do not include shipping cost unless otherwise noted.  Shipping cost will be added when the destination is confirmed.  

To accept this estimate, please note the “ACCEPT” button at the bottom of the estimate, while viewing the estimate in our customer portal.  You can also email us at  CUSTOMERS ACKNOWLEDGE THEY ACCEPT BINDER INC’S TERMS AND CONDITIONS WHEN THEY AUTHORIZED BINDERS INC TO DO THE WORK.

Artwork with bleeds, half-tones, heavy coverage or tight registration may be subject to an additional charge not included in this quote, unless stated above.  

New customers please note that for most orders, Binders Inc requires a 50% deposit when the order is placed and the balance paid when production is complete, and before order is shipped.  Any Pre-Approved Terms are indicated at the top of the Estimate.

Estimates do not include shipping cost, unless otherwise noted.  Shipping cost will be added after ship destination is confirmed.  

Binders, Inc reserves the right to produce 5% over-runs/under-runs due to the custom manufacturing process of each order.  For exact quantities, please specify request at time of order placement.   

Samples are provided upon request and as available to assess general product workmanship. Samples may not be exact replicas of the product in your estimate.  Attributes of the sample provided, not reflected on your estimate, may be subject to an additional charge.  

From time to time, Binders, Inc will show product sold on our website and in other marketing material.  Should you prefer your product with your branding, logo or artwork not appear on our website or other marketing material, simply notify us in writing or via email at  

Please note  ring size is the diameter of the actual ring inside the binder, NOT the width of the spine of the book.  

“Ship Dates” and “Due Dates” are provided for planning purposes only.  Binders Inc ships product approximately 21 days after your artwork is approved, for projects requiring new artwork (unless otherwise agreed).  Timely Acceptance of Estimates, Submittal and Approval of Artwork and Completing Deposits can impact Ship Dates.   

Custom Presentation Product Estimates (like Binders, Tabs, Padfolios, Degree Holders and Pocket Folders) are good for 60 days unless otherwise stated.

Custom Packaging Product Estimates (like Designer Boxes and Slip Cases) are good for 30 days unless otherwise noted.

All Promotional Products Estimates (like Custom Hats, Pens, Shirts, Golf Items and Signage) are good for 14 days unless otherwise stated.

All Covid Related Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Related Product Estimates are good for 7 days unless otherwise noted.

See full terms and conditions at:

Important Information from Binders, Inc. included on Production Sales Orders:

See Sales Terms and Conditions at: . Email us at:

Important Information from Binders, Inc. included on Invoices:

Binders, Inc does not collect sales tax for states other than NC.  If due, please pay directly to the appropriate state agency.  

This invoice is due upon demand, and/or no more than (30) days from the invoice date unless otherwise stated.  Delinquent payments are subject to a late payment fee of 1.5 % per month or portion thereof, of any undisputed balance.  

From time to time, Binders, Inc will show products sold on our website and in other marketing material.  Should you prefer your product with your branding and logo not appear on our website or other marketing material, simply notify us in writing or via email at

NOTE NEW PAYMENT ADDRESS: PO BOX 744750, ATLANTA GA, 30374-4750.  You can also remit payment by Credit Card at, under “Account History” or “My Account”.   ACH instructions are valid ONLY if received after Jan 2018.  

See full terms and conditions at: .

Binders Inc above policy is subject to all local, state and federal laws, and will adjust policy accordingly as required.

For additional information or clarification, please .