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Clear View Binders

Reusable. Customization is in your hands.

Examples of Uses: Project Management, Education, General Office Use. Our Clear View Binders stand the test of time while allowing you to easily update their cover art as needed.

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  • CLEAR VIEW POCKETS: Clear view pockets cover the entire panel and are open at the top for easy insertion of your printed sheets. Choose a clear view pocket on the Front Cover only, or Front and Spine, or Front, Spine and Back Cover.
  • PRINTED INSERTS: If you would like for us to print inserts and ship along with your clear view binders, we will be happy to discuss this with you. If you choose to print your inserts, select a thick, cover weight paper to print your inserts so they will easily enter the clear view pockets.
  • COLOR CHOICES: Select from over 40 vinyl color choices.
  • RING CAPACITIES: The most common ring capacities are ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 3 ½”, 4” (Some may not be available in your ring style and/or sheet size)
  • SHEET SIZES: (Size of the sheet of paper that your binder will hold)
    8.5” x 11” / 8.5” x 5.5” / 9.5” x 6” (our standard size binders allow for an additional ½” index tab) If your sheet size isn’t listed, we can still build a binder to hold your special size
  • POCKETS: Inside pockets, business cardholders, memory device holders, memory stick holders, label holders can be added for a small charge which is based on the ordered quantity. On Custom Clear View binders you can select the clear view pockets to be on the front cover only, front/spine, or front/spine/back panels of the binders.
  • ROUND, D-RING, MULTI-RING: We recommend using a Rivetless ring metal with your Clear View Binder; however, not all ring capacities and shapes are available with the rivetless feature. If your binder will have exposed rivets we can simply drill two small holes in the clear view pocket to be sure the rivets do not close up the pocket or if the rivets are exposed to the back cover you can allow the rivets to close up a portion of the back cover clear view pocket.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these binders!!!!! All I wanted was basic black 1″ round ring viewbinders that were solid and well-made. How hard could that be, I thought? But when I ordered three products that used to be terrific I found they had definitely declined in quality over the past decade. I was not only disappointed; I was quite put out! They didn’t hold a candle to the high-quality products I’d grown accustomed to in the past.

When I discovered your company online I decided to try one more time, although my hopes were not high. But what a surprise when I received my order from you! I actually jumped for joy! Your binders feel great in the hand, and they are really made to last!

But honestly, these basic view binders are better than the BEST consumer binders made by the major sellers and they’re worth blowing your own horn about.

5/ 5stars

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    NOTE: The ring size is the diameter of the actual ring inside the binder, NOT the width of the spine of the book.  For more details , click here. (Link opens new window)

    See samples:

    For detailed info, please read this article. (Link opens new window)

    Euro Spine is a Curved Spine offered on Turn Edge Binders Only

    A custom, finished pull guide used on large capacity binders. Allows for easy retrieval from shelves.

    A slip case is a custom box that protects your binder:
    Made to Measure binder slip case

    WHOLESALE PRICING REQUESTEDCheck here if you are a reseller(Proof of reseller status may be requested)

    IN STOCK CUSTOM CLEAR VIEW BINDERS: Our line of Standard Clearview binders is a great way to receive a high quality, yet economical clear view binder quickly. The Standard Clearview line of binders are available in 5 vinyl colors, hold 11” x 8.5” sheets with a ½” index tab allowance, come with clear view pockets on the front/spine/back covers plus two inside clear pockets and typically ship in 3-5 business days (check with your sales representative to confirm current production schedule).