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Golf Growth Brings New Apparel Trends

Thanks to a pandemic-age boost, more people are taking up the sport – and looking to outfit themselves in versatile, trendy performance wear. Traditional golf apparel is no longer par for the course. An influx of new golfers during the pandemic has helped to change the overall look of the sport, meaning the apparel must […]

As Events Return So Should Promo Products

At a food truck and music festival in northern New Jersey recently, there were almost no promo products to be had. With the pandemic finally showing signs of receding, events both big and small are popping up all over the country. People are looking for reasons to get outside, and they have money to spend. […]

How to build a community for your business

The average smartphone user spends over three hours a day on their phones, according to recent research. And while statistics such as this prove that digital activity is in no way in decline, other indicators prove that the way in which we’re interacting while we’re online and using social media is changing. “To understand what’s […]

Opposites Attract in Pantone Colors of the Year

Researchers from Virginia Tech recommend well-fitted three-layer masks to help prevent the spread of COVID. For 2021, the color institute chose Ultimate Gray and the vibrant yellow Illuminating, a combination that evokes both steadiness and hope. After the tumultuousness and uncertainty that have defined much of 2020, people are looking both for rock-solid dependability and […]

Pantone picks two colors of the year, and they’re complete opposites

Optimism and somberness collide in Pantone’s 2021 Color(s) of the Year. [Photo: Pantone] Following one of the bleakest years in memory, Pantone has announced its 2021 color of the year. And it’s not one but two colors, designed to create the sensation of a fresh sunrise over rocky terrain. The colors are called Illuminating, a […]

How “Old School” Paper Still Helps Modern Businesses Boost Productivity

It’s easy to feel like you need the newest and latest app, device or software available when you’re looking to solve an issue within your business. But those digital “quick” fixes may not always be the smartest or most efficient answer to your problem. Try as we might to do away with it, old, reliable […]