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Custom Binder Gallery

Not quite sure where to start? To give you some ideas, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite binders to help show what’s possible.

Custom Turned Edge Binders

Sleek, Modern Design Destined to Impress


Turned Edge binders provide a professional book-like feel and appearance. See full product details at


Additional Options:

When making an impression is paramount, there’s no better option than Turned-edge customization. Turned Edge binders allow for beautiful customization. The front window is an elegant touch. Also, notice the impact of matching the interior color to the exterior.

Need to take your presentation to the next level, or secure a long-term storage option? Matching binder cases are an elegant option as well.


Paper Turn Edge Binder

Sustainable and Elegant


Presentations, Proposals, Non-Profit Materials, Schools, Government Agencies, and any other situation where you would like to show your support for “Going Green”!

The classy look and feel of turn edge binders, but with a high grade book-cover paper material, and liner. This binder is the perfect compromise between sustainability and durability, and allows for most of the same options available on a standard vinyl or linen-cover binder.See full product details at

Custom Poly Binders

Durable & Economical

Built to withstand harsh climates and conditions, poly binders are perfect for manufacturing plants, mobile units, hospitals and more.

Poly binders are the toughest binders around and can be customized for your exact project. Updating your Safety Data Sheets or Reference Manuals, these binders are up to the task. They’ll withstand extreme heat or cold and heavy duty environments, especially if you need something that won’t break down under high use for your product catalog, recipe books, etc. Again, poly binders stand the test of time. With a variety of thickness options and a full array of customization options, we’ve got you covered. See full product details at

Custom Vinyl Binders

Classic Statement Piece

Elegant Vinyl Binders make a statement about your brand.

Vinyl binders offer almost endless customization options so you can make the right impression. The weighty padded feel projects stability and durability, which is likely why these are in such high demand within the legal field and in schools. See full product details at

Kraft Recyclable Binder

Made from Recycled Materials


Sales Presentations, Government Agencies, Training Meetings, and any other situation where you would like to show your support for fully recycled materials.

This very cost effective, limited re-use product is recyclable and re-pulpable, and made from recycled material. It makes a bold statement about your organization’s commitment to sustainability, while effectively delivering presentation materials in a beautiful, custom product – proudly displaying your brand or logo! Some options that reduce recyclability are limited. See full product details at

Custom Entrapment Binders

Affordable Full Color Designs

Entrapment binders offer an economical way to high-quality full color and full graphics.

When Elevation Church needed binders for training materials, they knew that Entrapment binders offered the durability and customization options they needed at a price that made sense. Branding was reinforced on all external sides, and the customer ensured that their most important messaging would not be overlooked by having it printed on the inside cover. See full product details at

Economy Paper Binder Folders

Design to Tour Specs, Fits Any Budget!


A low-cost alternative to our more durable binder products! Limited use, but functional. A presentation folder with binder-like document attachment. Highly recyclable, digital printed to your artwork, and designed to your secifications! See full product details at

Want to add Index Tabs to your Binders?

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