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Vinyl Colors and Textures

*See this important note about color shades


Baby Blue 291C


Spring Green 374C


Lavender 2567C


Silver 877C


Lemon Yellow 107C




Beige 7528C


Light Grey 7529C


Dark Grey 423C


Ivory 7500C


Tan 7535C


Zelda Grey 402C


Smoke Grey 424C


Sunburst 137C


Mustard Yellow 129C


Kelly Green 354C


Sky Blue 299C


Red 186C


Orange 158C


Azure Blue 542C


Purple 7447C


Candy Apple Red


Teal 330C


Marine Blue 3015C


Executive Grey 425C


Burgundy 505C


Berry Red 202C


Forest Green 3305C


Metallic Charcoal Grey 432C


Maroon 490C


Light Brown 462C


Navy Blue 289C


Royal Blue 288C




Vinyl Binder Textures


Suede Single Embossed Vinyl


Dull French Calf Single Embossed Vinyl


Shiny French Calf Single Embossed Vinyl


*Shiny French Calf vinyl is only available in the following colors: Silver, Warm White, White, Zelda Gray, Burgundy, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black and Forest Green.


• The above colors are not exact representations of the colors offered due to variations in computer monitor settings. The PMS colors listed are not exact but are included to offer a suggestion of the vinyl color.

Business Card Holders (below, right) create a small pocket to hold your card within. Business card slots (below, left) create slots to tuck your card into the inside of the cover.

Business card holders