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Binder Comparison Chart

  Printing Options Available Features
  Sustainability5 Durability Affordability Appearance Screen
Stamping 3
Available 6
Lamination Executive
Turn Edge Binder (Linen) Good Good $$$$ Best+ 8 Y Y Y Y Unlimited N N
Turn Edge Binder (Paper) Better Good  $$$  Best Y Y N Y Unlimited Y N
Vinyl Binder1 Limited Better  $$ Better Y Y Y Y Limited N Y
Poly Binder Limited Best $$ Good Y Y N Y Limited N N
Kraft Recyclable Binder  Best Limited $ 4  Limited Y N N N Unlimited N N

Key to Scores:

Limited  (Passes Standard)
Good   (Better than “Limited”)
Better  (Better than “Good”)
Best     (Best in Class)


1 Vinyl Binder includes Clear View and Easel Binders.
2 You can screen print in 1 to 4 colors, but most cost effective at 3 colors and below. Above 3 colors, consider a product that allows for digital print.
3   A Die is required for Foil Stamping. Consider a Gold or Silver print alternative.
4   Least expensive option, especially at low quantities. Minimum Quantity 25.
5   Printing methodology, adding pockets and other features may impact recyclability. We limit features on the Kraft Binder to retain recyclability.
6  “Unlimited” is any size up to equipment max. “Limited” requires equipment tools which determine available sizes. Most common sizes are available.
7   Digital Print on White Vinyl. Interior will be white. Outside can be flood printed to match any PMS color and include any print or picture.
8   While linen looks similar in appearance to paper, it feels softer and warmer to the touch. It is our highest quality book cover material and makes a powerful brand statement.