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Binder Comparison Chart

  Printing Options Available Features
  Sustainability5 Durability Affordability Appearance Screen
Stamping 3
Available 6
Lamination Executive
Turn Edge Binder (Linen) Good Good $$$$ Best+ 8 Y Y Y Y Unlimited N N
Turn Edge Binder (Paper) Better Good  $$$  Best Y Y N Y Unlimited Y N
Litho Wrap Turn Edge Binder Good Good $$ 11 Best 9 N Y Y Y Unlimited Y N 10
Vinyl Binder1 Limited Better  $$ Better Y Y Y Y Limited N Y
Poly Binder Limited Best $$ Good Y Y N Y Limited N N
Kraft Recyclable Binder  Best Limited $ 4  Limited Y N N N Unlimited N N
Paper Binder Folder  Better Limited $ 4  Better N Y N Y Limited Y N

Key to Scores:

Limited  (Passes Standard)
Good   (Better than “Limited”)
Better  (Better than “Good”)
Best     (Best in Class)


1 Vinyl Binder includes Clear View, Easel Binders and Entrapment Binders.
2 You can screen print in 1 to 4 colors, but most cost effective at 3 colors and below. Above 3 colors, consider a product that allows for digital print.
3   A Die is required for Foil Stamping. Consider a Gold or Silver print alternative.
4   Least expensive option, especially at low quantities. Minimum Quantity 25 for Kraft Binders, and 250 for Paper Binder Folders.
5   Printing methodology, adding pockets and other features may impact recyclability. We limit features on the Kraft Binder to retain recyclability.
6  “Unlimited” is any size up to equipment max. “Limited” requires equipment tools which determine available sizes. Most common sizes are available.
7   Digital Print on White Vinyl. Interior will be white. Outside can be flood printed to match any PMS color and include any print or picture.
8   While linen looks similar in appearance to paper, it feels softer and warmer to the touch. It is our highest quality book cover material and makes a powerful brand statement.
9   Our most customizable, high-end binder! A design specialist will assist you with fully customizable color, cover material and shape.
10   A litho wrap binder can be designed with a plush, soft touch matte finish to emulate an executive padding feel. One of our design specialists can provide design options.
11   Because of printing cost, more cost effective at higher quantities.


Want to add Binders to hold your Index Tabs?

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    NOTE: The ring size is the diameter of the actual ring inside the binder, NOT the width of the spine of the book.  For more details , click here. (Link opens new window)

    See samples:

    For detailed info, please read this article. (Link opens new window)

    Euro Spine is a Curved Spine offered on Turn Edge Binders Only

    A custom, finished pull guide used on large capacity binders. Allows for easy retrieval from shelves.

    A slip case is a custom box that protects your binder:
    Made to Measure binder slip case

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