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Creating a Personal Health Care Binder for Your Doctors

personal healthcare binder

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment with your head spinning from all of the information you just received, asking yourself, “Now, what all did the doctor say I needed to do again?”

This scenario happens way too often, and considering how important our health is – and the amount of money we pay to be taken care of by doctors – about every word uttered or test result received at an appointment is of value.

We all value our health, our money and our time. And yet, it’s like we’re throwing it all away when we choose not to take seriously and record the information given.

So, in an effort to not waste anything, we recommend you create a healthcare binder for yourself and each member of your family.

How do you get started?

It’s as easy as grabbing a few binders – preferably with pockets – and some index tab dividers.

Putting Your Healthcare Binder Together

First, you’ll need to make sections for questions to your doctor, reports, labs and notes. Feel free to add any other sections you may need.

A helpful hint for your questions section: Devote an entire page to one question. This will leave plenty of space for any ancillary questions that may arise later.

For particularly stressful appointments, bring someone along with you who can take notes in your binder. You want to be able focus on your one-on-one communication with the doctor, but be able to refer to the binder when necessary.

When you choose a three-ring binder, select one with quality to hold together and protect this valuable information. Binders Inc. prides ourselves on manufacturing durable binders that can protect and organize important documents for years to come. We offers a wide array of colors and customization options to make your binder — well, yours.