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The Often Overlooked Index Tab

Whether you are trying to impress a potential client or are insistent on organization within your company, custom index tabs (or index tab dividers) are an important and often overlooked item. Custom index tabs may be a small part of your presentation or your bound materials, but boy, do details matter!

From a practical standpoint, printed tabs help you find what you are looking for. That sure is something everyone can benefit from.

In terms of customization, we make your index tabs however you want them. We manufacture your custom tabs to your exact specifications. How great is that?

Index tab

From the color and weight of the paper to the ink color and the color of the tab itself, we create your unique or standard page size, help you decide how many tabs you want in one row (die cut), and determine whether the tabs need to fit a standard or specialized binder. And finally, we collate the tabs for you so they are ready to go into your presentation binder, or we can group all like-tabs together (un-collated) for you to insert however you please.

Index tabs

Building a custom HelloFresh recipe binder

Tired of scattered recipe scraps and overflowing bookmarks? We‘ll equip you with everything you need to transform loose recipes into a beautifully organized and accessible cookbook.

Uses of index tab dividers

We can think of countless uses for custom index tabs – employee handbooks, instruction manuals, product catalogs and recipe books, just to name a few!

Custom index tabs are not only practical (i.e., they help you quickly find what you are looking for), but they also give your project a polished and professional look. If you are using them in a binder for a presentation for a current or potential client, they look great and show you mean business. They can change the entire look of the packaging. Your presentation will be crisp and clean, not to mention easy to use. Being able to flip to the desired section is important. But being able to do so and have it look so good is priceless.

If you are using custom index tabs internally, what a great way to continue to showcase your company’s brand and image. Keeping your colors, your font, and your image consistent – that will boost morale internally and constantly remind employees who they work for and what they represent.

Our website provides some great photos of the different index tab options available. It is always helpful to have an image to go by with this sort of product. Please check out the index tab options on our website. Call us at (800) 962-1807 or email us with any questions.

We look forward to working with you!