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Padded Custom Binders for Professionals

Why should I buy a padded custom binder?

Soft sided vinyl binder
Padded vinyl binder using standard finish
vinyl + custom printing

For starters, padded binders exhibit a plush appearance and high-end impression to your clients.  These soft-sided panels are easily custom printed with one or multiple colors.

When padded binders are coupled with the upgraded Castilian vinyl, a debossed logo is a nice choice to accentuate the refined image you hope to achieve.  Another option to consider is foil-stamping gold or silver with standard or Castilian vinyl.

Padded board, soft panel board
Cut-away view of padded board in a vinyl binder

Padded binders are made with a foam-covered, rigid chipboard that is sealed in between layers of vinyl.  The padded vinyl binders are equally as rigid as our standard non-padded vinyl binders – and just as durable.  The padded or soft-sided option is only available for vinyl binders, not for poly binders.

Read this article to learn about the other differences between vinyl and poly binders.

The best padded binders boast a Castilian vinyl and silver foil stamping, along with an inside showcase of options such as half pockets and a business card holder.

Soft sided binder Castilian vinyl
Black Castilian vinyl binder with padded panels
Vinyl binders with pockets
Half pockets + business card holder

Padded binders can be used in almost any career field; however, we find this to be the first choice of most estate planning and wealth management firms, attorneys and financial institutions.

If you need personalized help picking out custom binders that best fit your needs, feel free to contact a sales representative today.  Say a quick hello to us on our Facebook page!  Or simply call 1-800-962-1807.