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When to use Entrapment binders instead of Screen Printing

confused womanScreen printing has long been the most common way to imprint a vinyl binder.  Artwork that utilizes 1-color, 2-color, or 3-color designs with minimal to average coverage not only qualifies for, but usually prints best with our screen printing method.   So why would you switch to the Entrapment binder instead of using the screen printing method?

There are three mains reasons to consider Entrapment:

  1. If your art design has heavy coverage spanning almost the entire print area, utilizes fine halftones (screens), or has tight registration amongst the printed colors then your design will be best presented using the Entrapment method.
  2. If your binder design  contains photographs of your location and/or products then four color process printing is required and the Entrapment method is the most economical solution for most quantities under 5000 qty.
  3. If you have several art designs within the same project, the digital printing of entrapment sheets can without a doubt be a cost saver and eliminate multiple printing set-ups.


Less rules. More possibilities.

VinylBinder-Entrapment-RVSM-FrontChoosing an Entrapment binder offers the designer many options while creating, with few limitations.  The color palette is endless and your company’s story can be told in pictures.

Our sales team boasts of 70+ years in the binder business.  We’re ready to answer your questions, teach you what you want to learn and help you develop the best binder!

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