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3 Benefits of Poly Binders for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities are extremely busy places.

Aside from the patients coming and going, the doctors, nurses, and staff are also hustling and bustling to provide high quality and efficient care to every patient.

Unfortunately, with all of this hustle and bustle, healthcare office supplies are subject to excessive wear and tear — not to mention germs.

Poly binders are the perfect choice to withstand these conditions and for easy maintenance. Here are three compelling reasons why:

1. Poly Binders are Light-Weight

Binders in medical facilities are already chocked full of medical information. The last thing your staff needs is a cumbersome binder to make it even heavier.

Poly binders are lighter in weight than their vinyl counterparts, in part because they don’t contain a rigid chipboard. Poly binders are available in different thicknesses, but even the thickest has a lighter weight than vinyl.

2. Poly Binders are Extremely Durable

Hospital staff must be able to access information all day long. Binders are picked up, put down, tossed, dropped, and thumbed through rapidly all day by many people in medical facilities.

Poly binders have proven to be the most durable binder and would be the best choice to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

3. Poly Binders are Stain-resistant

If there’s any place where cleanliness is important, it’s most certainly hospitals and medical facilities. Germs need to be kept at bay, therefore equipment and supplies inside these places need to be easy to clean.

Not only are poly binders easy to clean, they’re also stain-resistant. So you don’t have to think twice before spraying with disinfectant or the like, as you do with other medical supplies. Because of its stain-resistant quality, you know that your binder can be easily cleaned in any situation.

If you find yourself needing to replace binders in your medical facility, consider choosing poly binders. At Binders Inc., we have a wide variety of poly binders to choose from as well as options for customizing. Place your order today!