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Eye-Grabbing Binders That Will Transform Your Business Forever

Four color process design
Full Color (four color process) designed Entrapment binder

“In business, you only get one (often very brief) chance to make a good first impression.”

In business, you only get one (often very brief) chance to make a good first impression. Establishing an identity and creating brand guidelines that fit your company’s mission are key in presenting a consistent and professional message that turns potential customers into buyers, graphic designer April Greer believes.

Client need, April says, is what inspired her to offer custom binder covers. “I found that several of my clients were in the market for binder covers, so I added that to my service list.”

A successful graphic and web designer since 2009, April has perfected the art of custom binder cover design. The ability to customize a binder cover with stunning graphics and your brand logo is a new opportunity to capture your customer’s attention and make a lasting impression.

When asked why she believes visually appealing binder covers make more impact than generic binders, April explains that custom covers, which typically cost $150-$185.00, make a presenter look more professional. “You don’t want to be fumbling to figure out the correct binder orientation or flipping through multiple binders to find the right one in front of your audience, and you definitely don’t want them seeing permanent black marker handwritten down the spine,” she says.

Showing up at a meeting, presentation or trade show toting a portfolio with an eye-catching cover isn’t simply about aesthetic—it tells prospects you are serious about business. “Custom binder covers are another way to set your company apart from your competition at trade shows and conventions” April adds.

How Custom Binder Covers Work

The custom covers that April creates slip into the clear plastic insert area on Clear View Binders for easy removal and re-use. Designs for Entrapment Binders, on the other hand, are printed and sealed onto the binder permanently. “I take into consideration the color and style of the binder to create a cohesive design.” she explains.

Businesses That Benefit From Custom Binder Covers

April thinks that almost any business that uses binders to share information in a professional arena can benefit from custom covers. Some businesses that utilize them more often than others include:

  • Sports or collectible card retailers and hobby stores
  • Manufacturers or resellers of a large quantity of products
  • Wedding and event planners
  • Custom florists
  • Salons
  • Interior decorators
  • Custom furniture makers and seamstresses
Four Color Process design
Full Color (four color process) binder cover designed by April Greer

However, April recommends any business who wants to provide samples or show a portfolio of completed work to their potential clients use branded binder covers, and it’s not all about trade shows and presentations. Large organizations can also benefit from internal custom binders, April relates. Often departments present or display information for upper management at headquarters, for example, or use them for internal materials like training documents and annual reports. Thanks for the great advice, April!

Visit April’s portfolio to view stunning binder cover examples. You’ll also find useful information about customizing and using binders in our blog.

Author bio: April graduated from Willamette University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. For the 5 years prior to her independent career, she worked as an in-house supervisor of a graphics department and print shop designing vitamin bottle packaging. Now she’s the brains and the brawn behind Greer Genius, where she’s had the opportunity to work on large-scale, international trade show promotions and multi-million dollar business proposals as a contractor.