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How to Enhance the WOW Factor of Your Presentation with Custom Binders

Blog art June 2015The inclusion of a visual in a presentation will increase the likelihood that your audience will not only better retain the information they’re being presented with, but be more interested in the information they’re receiving, as well.

Most successful companies set-up their sales representatives with a full set of aesthetically appealing tools to gain the attention of their target consumers. Main stream grocery stores such as Harris Teeter and Target, for example, will not only use images to appeal consumers, but also physical samples of promotional products.

For these items, the visual aspect of the sales pitch is a leading cause for an increase in sales.

Custom presentation binders have the same effect for a business, as they not only provide a visual representation of your company, but also the opportunity for the customer to have illustrated information on your products at their fingertips.

A binder with custom index tabs will also help with the flow of a presentation, as the client will be able to follow along with the ideas being discussed with little to no effort as each idea is displayed behind the tab being discussed.

The three main styles of learning are visual, auditory and kinesthetic, making a presentation which incorporates a PowerPoint presentation and custom-made binder with index tabs the perfect avenue for the exchange of information between you and any client.

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