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Team Recognition


Recognition is absolutely essential in a great workplace. Binders, Inc. helps you create a recognition-rich environment by integrating recognition into one digital, and seamless program.

  • Reinforce value-creating behaviors at scale
  • Rewards and Recognize to inspire – monetize you Rewards and Recognition spend
  • Operationalize “Peer-to-Peer” and “Manager-to-Associate” recognitionions with a branded digital tool
  • Instant recognition through “Spot” (Instant) Awards – Create a culture of celebration!
  • Easily customized eCards for recognizing employee anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant dates – reduce administration workload tracking these events to free up capacity
  • Custom award presentations and materials to recognize and celebrate employees for their loyalty and hard work … Cost efficient branded merchandise (See Examples)
Create a Culture of Celebration – And Monetize It!