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What is the minimum I can order?

When ordering most Binders and Padholders, a minimum quantity of 25 is required. For Standard Clearview Binders, the minimum is $100 in product cost, per purchase. The minimum for Index Tabs is determined by the options you choose. We would love the opportunity to discuss further. Please send us an email through our Contact Us form or call!

How do I know what size binder I need?

The most accurate way to calculate the capacity needed is to take the thickness of the paper you will be using and multiply it by the number of SHEETS you will be placing into the binder. Also, be sure to consider the additional capacity needed for any inserts you plan to add such as Index Tabs (thickness x number of tabs), sheet lifters, etc. This will give you the approximate thickness of your contents.

Please note, usually, paper will not lay flat after being printed or copied and will have some air in-between the sheets increasing the thickness of the contents. Generally, it is wise to select the next capacity above your calculation to ensure ease in turning pages and allow for room to grow! Still need help? Use our quick reference table below as a guide or feel free to give us a call!

Calculations are approximate and based on standard 20lb bond copy paper
½” round ring 62 sheets
¾” round ring 100 sheets
1” round ring 175 sheets
1 ¼” round ring 210 sheets
1 ½” round ring 240 sheets
2” round ring 350 sheets
2 ½” round ring 475 sheets
3” round ring 570 sheets
¾” angle d-ring 150 sheets
1” angle d-ring 175 sheets
1 ¼” angle d-ring 220 sheets
1 ½” angle d-ring 300 sheets
2” angle d-ring 400 sheets
2 ½” angle d-ring 500 sheets
3” angle d-ring 570 sheets
3 ½” angle d-ring 670 sheets
4” angle d-ring 800 sheets

I am trying to match a binder I already have. How can I tell what size it is?

To find the size (capacity) of a binder with Round Rings: While the binder is open and laying flat, measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring from left to right. The measurement should be close to ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, or 3”. If the measurement is not exact, you should round up to the next size to ensure sufficient capacity. To find the size (capacity) of a binder with D-Rings: While the binder is open and laying flat, measure the inside STRAIGHT side of the “D” to determine capacity.

How is a D-Ring different than a Round Ring?

An angle D-Ring allows your contents to lie flat even when the binder is opened and closed since the rings are always mounted on the back cover. The visibility of Index Tabs is also improved. An Angle D-Ring must be mounted on the inside back cover to function correctly and is generally more expensive than a Round Ring.

Is there a price difference between having a Round Ring mounted on the back cover versus the spine?

In most cases, we can mount a Round Ring to the spine OR back cover for the same cost.

What is the difference between Poly Binders and Vinyl Binders?

Poly Binders are made from a plastic material that is available in various gauges depending on the degree of flexibility desired. Vinyl Binders consist of two vinyl pieces sealed around a sturdy, rigid chipboard material. Poly Binders are a good choice when durability is a consideration. Vinyl binders allow for more opportunities to customize including finishes such as Castilian (leather-like), Foil Stamping, Debossing, and Padded Panels.

What is the difference between Standard Clearview and Custom Clearview Binders?

Our Standard Clearview binders are manufactured according to a set of specifications that you can find listed here: Standard Clearview. If your needs require options other than those listed for the Standard Clearview binders such as Angle D-Ring, a different vinyl color (other than the 5 listed), business card holders, etc., please contact us and a member of our sales team will be happy to provide you with a Custom Clearview Binder quote.

Do I get a discount if I order larger quantities of the Standard Clearview Binders?

All quantities of Standard Clearview Binders are sold at deeply discounted prices. In an effort to provide every customer, no matter how small or large the budget, with a top quality product; we have streamlined the specifications of the Standard Clearview Binders line allowing us to offer this premium product at the lowest price possible, regardless of quantity. By standardizing the options offered in the Standard Clearview Binders, we are able to offer all quantities our top tier price break, even the minimum. Our Standard Clearview Binders are of superior quality over even the “Deluxe” Clearview Binders sold by other suppliers. We use quality 110# chipboard, 12 gauge vinyl and sturdy ring metals; never sacrificing quality for price.

Do you sell Index Tabs?

Absolutely! Our most popular Index Tab product is made from white 110# cardstock paper with black text on the tab extension. A protective coating of clear or colored Mylar is added to the extension of the tab to strengthen against wear and tear. We offer a variety of colors, weights and finishes to customize your Index Tabs including full color with heavy coverage. We also offer Poly Tabs when a more durable option is needed. Poly Tabs can be silk screen printed on the front and/or back of the tab.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs vary based on the product ordered, quantity, destination and delivery options. You can email or contact your sales consultant and we will be happy to calculate the shipping cost for you. Please provide your zip code and whether your location is commercial or residential, also mention if your destination has special needs such as schools,places of worship, limited receiving area for trucks, or certain receiving times. If your location is commercial, does the building have a raised loading dock for truck delivery? Your sales consultant can advise you of other delivery options we offer such as calling ahead and inside delivery.

How fast will my order ship?

Shipping times vary by product. The following is our typical timetable but there can be exceptions. Standard Clearview Binders ship within 3-5 business days; Standard Index Tabs within 1-2 weeks; Reverse Out or Full Color Tabs within 2-3 weeks; and Custom Binders such as Screen Printed, Entrapment, Custom Clearview and Poly Binders within 2-3 weeks. If you have a deadline you are working within, we will do everything in our power to help you meet it. Contact us and we will let you know how fast we can make it happen! Your shipping timeframe should be provided with your quotation.

What type of art files should I send?

Your sales consultant can provide you with a template or dimension sheet to help you create your layout with the correct dimensions. We can accept most layout programs; however, Illustrator files (converted to paths/outlines) and .pdf files work best. Vector art is typically easier to manipulate.