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The Materials and Construction Used for Three Ring Binders and Other Popular Products

Our three ring (3-ring binders) vinyl binders, padfolios and poly binders are leading the industry in quality. The use of high quality materials sets us apart from our competitors so be sure to compare these details before purchasing from another binder manufacturer.

Vinyl Binders manufactured at Binders, Inc. have 110 pt. chipboard (approx ⅛” thick) heat sealed in between two layers of vinyl to form a study case for your binder.

Our standard vinyl is a 12-gauge material in either Sueduene (matte), Dull French Calf or Shiny French Calf finishes. An upgraded Castilian vinyl is offered for customers who need a high end leather-like appearance without the high cost of leather material. All of our vinyl binders can be imprinted with single or multiple color imprinting of your customized text and logo. The ink is mixed to match your specific PMS# (Pantone Matching System) that your company uses in your logo and is blended to adhere to the vinyl without flaking or washing off.

In addition to our screen printing options, your vinyl binder can be designed using four color process (full color design) by using our Entrapment method.

Our binders have high quality nickel ring mechanisms installed which feature high tension and solid rivet mounting. The metal rings are offered in round and D-rings as well as offered as a standard three ring or multi rings such as 2-ring, 4-ring, 6-ring, or 7-ring. Vinyl Binders can offer a rivetless or hidden rivet option using a specially designed ring with prongs that mount into the chipboard and the use of rivets isn’t necessary.

Padfolios are a 2 panel item that holds standard or junior size notepads.

The vinyl selection available for Padfolios is the same as that of Vinyl Binders and they offer the same imprinting options as do Vinyl Binders, including Entrapment as described previously. Padfolios typically have a 5″ tall pocket inside the front panel which holds additional papers and can have a business card holder sealed on it for easy storage/access to your business cards. Located on the inside back panel is a 10″ tall pocket which holds the chipboard backing of the notepad which allows for easy removal and replacement of your notepad once it’s been used. No ring mechanisms are used in a Padfolio.

Our Poly Binders are constructed using a sturdy solid sheet of polyethylene (polypropylene if requested) that has two scores (or creases) that section the binder into a front panel, spine and back panel.

The polyethylene material is available in several thicknesses ranging from .023 gauge to .110 gauge. You can learn more about these gauges and which thickness is best for you and your size on our Poly Binder page. Poly binders can be printed with single color or multiple color imprinting and also offer a direct to poly imprinting of four color process (full color design). Inks are specially blended to adhere to poly material without flaking or washing off.

The ring mechanisms offered are the same as with the vinyl binders as we have previously discussed with the exception of rivetless metals which cannot be used due to the lack of chipboard in the poly binder cover. Metal rings are offered in round and D-rings as well as offered as a standard three ring or multi rings such as 2- ring, 4-ring, 6-ring, or 7-ring.

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