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Binder Upgrade Option – Business Card Holders

Learn how Business Card Holders can hugely boost the usability and professionalism of your custom binders with little investment

Business Card Full Indise PocketThe business card holder is one of the simplest ways to customize your binder.  The highly visible pocket displays the precise contact information for your customer to reach you, eliminates sub-standard methods typically used to include a business card, and has the ability to be positioned in various areas of your custom binder with several feature options.

The goal of providing a custom binder to a customer is to present them with information about your products and/or services.  But what can be worse than if the customer is unable to locate the contact information?

Sure, there may already be a telephone number printed somewhere in the binder; however, this number is usually for a main line and won’t connect the customer directly to someone who can help them, creating unnecessary stress.

Perhaps you prefer contact by email?  Typically, your email address will not be posted on a company-wide document in your binder, and if they search your website they may not find it either due to security issues surrounding posted email addresses.  A business card holder contains important information clearly and concisely, giving the customer quick access to exactly what they need.

Once you are convinced that a business card is needed in your three-ring binder (or other custom style binders) you may decide it can simply be included with the other documents on the ring.  Of course, you would never consider three-hole punching a business card, but many businesses staple or paperclip it to the first page which is hardly different.

Paying the minimal add-on cost for a business card holder is well worth the benefit of achieving a professional presentation while also offering the customer a dependable way to locate your contact information.

Business Card HolderWhile it is true that a business card holder can be added after market, you are certainly not saving money with this option.  The cost to purchase and ship the adhesive card holders, plus the time it takes to peel the backings and apply them properly for each and every binder far exceeds the add-on cost of ordering custom binders from Binders, Inc. with pre-installed business card holders. Save yourself the headache from the possible adverse reaction to the adhesive and vinyl – not to mention the sticky mess that is unattractive and in no way entices customers to choose your firm.

The benefits of purchasing the business card holder from a binder manufacturer are furthered with the ability to choose the placement of the business card holder in almost any location on your binder.  Typically, the preferred placement for the business card holder is on the inside front panel; however, we have had customers request this add-on to be installed on the front cover and even the spine of the binder in order to stand out from their competitors.  Moreover, a business card holder is typically sealed on three sides, but we also provide a two-sided card holder option if you request it.

Do you have a vertical format business card?  No problem!  We can accommodate both the horizontal and vertically printed business cards and make them look amazing in your binder.

If you’re not yet convinced about choosing a business card holder for your binders or you’d like to discuss additional binder options, contact one of our experienced binder specialists at 1 (800) 962-1807 or email us at .  We are happy to quote you a price for this item so you can weigh the cost vs. benefit.

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