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The Importance of Custom Binders and Your Brand

Your customer is waiting for you. Waiting to understand your product. Waiting for you to tell them who you are. You have to decide what you will say. Promoting your brand by sending a marketing tool such as a custom binder is a perfect example of how to excel at this communication. Your goal should be for customers to recognize your company/brand, understand fully what you have to offer them and why they need it, plus teach them how to easily connect with and use what you have to offer.

What makes your brand stand out? Choosing the right poly colors and vinyl colors can grab attention and draw your audience in to view more information about your company. Custom printed binders that have your company name and logo printed on the front and spine of the binder is an easy way to gain banner advertising right in your customer’s work space. It isn’t enough to type some boring text on a slip of paper and try to insert it into the spine of an office supply clearview binder. If your customer doesn’t recognize your brand, then how can they remember you and set you apart from your competitors?

Send them a custom printed binder to rest comfortably on their bookshelf and keep your brand in front of them every day.

When choosing the type of custom binder to send, you have to consider what your selection is saying about your company/brand. Is your binder high quality and therefore proposing that your company believes in quality and excellence, and that this company belief will convey into what you offer to them?

Will you trim the budget for marketing materials and are hand the client a $.99 special while expecting them to devote thousands of dollars to you?

All of the binders sold by Binders, Inc. are high quality and include clear view binders which are far superior to that of the local office supply chain.  You should take caution that the type of binder should match the prospective audience. Take into consideration the person receiving the binder.  Do they want a custom binder that is  elegant and stunning or will a basic custom printed binder with high quality vinyl and single color imprint work just fine?  Even our basic custom printed binders with a single color imprint can be most impressive while affordable (see picture).

In today’s culture, consumers expect to receive a product that is easy to use and understand.  This is the beauty of the three ring binder.  Custom binders provide an easy solution for your customer to house product information, current pricing and other important data that makes your company stand out from the competition.  Having a binder at their fingertips, preferably sorted by index tab dividers, which they reference and find quick information can ensure that they choose you first.  If they have your custom binder sitting two feet away, with pertinent information they need, why would it not be the first place they look?

Yes, people love Google and in fact you’re most likely reading this article from a Google search; however, the argument isn’t that your customers can’t find what they need in a Google search, but that you don’t want them to have to go searching.  If they have a need, why not hand them a perfect source?  Making their life easy is a way to draw them to you and what you have to offer.

If your goal is to be the best source for your customers, be sure your brand is recognized so they connect your logo with what you have done for them lately!  Be sure to choose a quality custom three ring binder that represents you as a brand and communicates the value that they can expect from your company.  Be sure that once you place your branded custom binder, which it offers organization and quick solutions to help them find what they’re looking for. If perception is 9/10ths of reality, then be sure your customer perceives a dependable, quality brand that will help them find valuable information quickly.

To learn more about how we can help you promote your brand with a custom binder, feel free to continue browsing our site, or contact us to discuss your company today.