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Using Custom Padfolios for Branding and Promotion

Getting your brand’s name out there and known to the public has never been more important than it is in today’s competitive market. Sure you can pass out hundreds (or more like thousands) of business cards, but a business card can easily be uploaded to a contact database and then forgotten; however, if a promotional item, for example a custom padfolio, were handed out instead (or even in conjunction with a business card) then your name—and, more importantly, your brand—will have a greater chance of being retained by your potential clients.

In year’s past, companies would slap their logo on everything and pass it out to entice people to use their brand. There is not as many promotional products being pushed today; however, the practice remains an important aspect of marketing.

businessman using a notepad: Binders Branding and Padholders Article

4 promotional product benefits

Not sold on the idea of having promotional products made to pass out to potential clients? Well, consider these 4 benefits.

  1. Tactile. Passing out padholders to your clients (and potential clients) is a benefit because they provide you with a substantial promotional product that your client can physically hold in their hands and use for a practical use rather than be thrown in a drawer and forgotten.
  2. Business card alternative. There isn’t likely to be a time where business cards (at least in some form) aren’t a part of the business world. However, let’s be honest about how easy it is to lose a business card or how unmemorable they can be. Now imagine you have a tangible product (like a padholder) to leave with your business card. This act is likely to make your business a whole lot more memorable. One benefit to leaving something as large as a padholder is there is a lot of space to showcase your brand.
  3. Brand recognition. Promotional products are capable of helping you to spread this brand image that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. If your business is not able to develop a brand that is memorable enough that people continually come back, then you need to rethink your marketing strategies. Padholders are an excellent venue for this as padholders provide a product your clients can use every day that has your brand on it. This will keep your business on your client’s mind, which is especially important if you’re running a small business.
  4. Low cost outreach. In the grand scheme of things (when you think of how much other means of marketing cost), purchasing padholders with your brand’s logo on them is cheap; however, this large of a promotional product is not right for each business. You’ll have to analyze to decide just what product will give you the greatest return on investment.

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Options for custom padfolios

You’ve decided to purchase padfolios to give your clients and/or potential clients. Now you need to decide how you want your padfolios to look and what materials you want to have them constructed out of. Binders INC. provides many options for custom padfolio construction, including:


For the physical body of padfolios, they’re typically constructed of rigid chipboard encased in vinyl. There are various options for vinyl colors, including both standard colors and premium upgrades (like Castilian vinyl). You also have the option of having a rigid, sturdy foam padded board for the front and back panels.


There are two common sizes for padfolios. These are standard letter and junior. Additionally, we can custom build a padfolio to fit any size pad you’d like to use.


All of our padfolios feature horizontal half pockets on the inside front and back covers by default. These pockets allow the chipboard backing of notepads to securely slide into the padfolio. You also have the option to add business card holders to the front pocket. Additionally, you can have Clear View pockets added to the front or back for further customization.

Printing your logo

Customization can go even further with the addition of screen printing. You can have your logo or any other image screen printed onto the padfolio using the 4-color process. If you’re ordering less than 1,000 padfolios, we recommend using the Entrapment method for 4-color process designs. Additionally, you also have the option of including gold or silver foil stamped designs or your design can be debossed if you choose the Castilian vinyl option.


If you don’t like the idea of a horizontal back pocket, you have the option of having metal clips installed on the back panel. If you’re using a glue bound notepad (especially one that doesn’t have a firm binding combined with a perforated top) these metal clips can come in handy.

Here at Binders Inc., we pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality professional binders, index tabs and custom padfolios to help our clients succeed in the world. This extends to the creation and distribution of promotional items to help spread brand identity. Give us a call today to discuss you options with our experts.