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Selecting the Perfect Diploma Holder: Standard Vinyl vs. Premium Turned Edge

As graduation season approaches across the United States, it’s the perfect moment to think about how your school will showcase those hard-earned diplomas. 

In this guide, we’ll dive into the world of custom diploma holders, comparing the classic charm of standard vinyl with the elegance of premium turned edge to help you find the perfect match to showcase your students’ achievements.  

Either option can also be customized with your school’s logo, guaranteeing that your diploma holders not only represent the distinguished identity of your school but also add a personal touch to mark each graduate’s success.

So, let’s get started by looking at what each option has to offer.

Benefits of standard vinyl diploma holders

With numerous expenses to manage throughout the academic year, school administrators often face budget constraints when planning graduation ceremonies. Opting for vinyl diploma holders can be a smart and visually appealing solution for those looking to maximize their budget. 

Here are just some of the benefits of vinyl diploma holders:

  • Affordability. Standard vinyl holders stand out as a cost-effective solution for schools looking to honor their graduates without overspending. Their affordability ensures that every student receives recognition for their hard work in a dignified manner.
  • Ease of distribution. Being lightweight, these holders can simplify the distribution process during graduation ceremonies, reducing stress for your administrators and presenters. Their convenient handling makes it easier for faculty to hand them out and for graduates to carry them without hassle.
  • Variety of colors. Available in an array of colors, standard vinyl holders offer the flexibility to match school colors or graduation themes. There’s also an option to have a four-color printed logo directly on the cover. This allows schools to customize their presentation and add a personalized touch to the graduation experience. 
Selecting the Perfect Diploma Holder: Standard Vinyl vs. Premium Turned Edge

You can also choose added padding to increase the formal feel of the binder or keep the diploma thickness to a minimum for school offices that have limited storage space.

Benefits of turned edge diploma holders

Graduates have been through a great deal to earn their degrees and attend graduation. If you have the budget, choosing a luxurious turned edge diploma holder for them is a wonderful way to honor their achievements and support their efforts.

These holders are meticulously designed to encapsulate not just the diploma but the essence of achievement with a luxurious aesthetic and a meticulously finished edge. 

Here are some of the added benefits of turned edge diploma holders:

  • Luxurious appearance. Turned edge diploma holders are crafted to exude elegance and high quality. Their premium construction and materials give them a luxurious appearance that can significantly enhance the perceived value of the diploma they encase. They also come in a variety of colors.
  • Durability. The process of turning the edges over a sturdy core material not only adds to the visual appeal but also increases the item’s durability. This method provides extra protection to the edges, which are often the first to show wear and tear, thereby extending the life of the diploma holder.
  • Distinctive, finished edge. One of the hallmark features of turned edge diploma holders is their distinctive, neatly finished edges. This refined finish contributes to the sophisticated look, making each diploma feel like a work of art.
  • More sophisticated presentation. For schools aiming to present their graduates’ achievements in the most dignified and impressive manner, turned edge diploma holders are the ideal choice. They elevate the presentation of diplomas to a level that reflects the significance of the graduates’ hard work and success, making the graduation ceremony memorable and prestigious.

Turned edge diploma holders will stand the test of time. They can be customized to fit many sizes and can also feature additional padding and a custom logo, which can be foil stamped or debossed.

If you choose to add corner covers to both sides, your graduates will also be able to include photos, awards, or special certificates in this keepsake.

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Why choose Binders Inc. for your diploma holders?

Here’s why we stand out:

  • Size matters. From the standard letter to junior, and beyond, we customize diploma holders to fit any and all sizes. Tell us what you need, and consider it done!
  • Print perfection. Want your logo or design to pop? Choose from screen or digital printing, sleek foil stamping, or elegant debossing. We can bring your vision to life on vinyl or turned edge diplomas.
  • Plush padding. For that extra touch of luxury, our foam-padded boards give your diploma covers a plush feel, making every graduate feel special.
  • Diploma attachments. Do you prefer easy-access corner holders or a fully clear cover for added protection? It’s your choice when it comes to displaying and protecting those precious diplomas in style. We do it all!

Honor your graduates with a custom diploma holder

Whether students continue in their education or go out into the world and start working, they’ll always remember their commencement ceremony, and their diploma holder is a wonderful gift from school administrators to mark this important event.

No matter the budget available at your school, you can present your new graduates with a classic, custom diploma holder that will serve as a lasting memento of their achievement and hard work. This thoughtful gift, reflecting both pride and accomplishment, ensures that the memory of their commencement day is preserved in a tangible and meaningful way.

Ready to get started? 

Order your custom diploma holders from Binders Inc. today.