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Why Do I Need Index Tab Dividers?

How index tab dividers in your binders give your materials an organized, professional look, and why they’re essential

Perhaps the biggest benefit of index tab dividers is that they provide your customers with a quick way to access the materials you’re presenting –but they do more by adding color to an otherwise drab, colorless content, and provide a space for “teaser titles” to draw interest in the information you’re presenting.

Think “quality” when presenting your manual…

You are putting an advertising piece into the market that should represent WHO you are and WHAT you will bring to the table for your customer (more about this at the end of this article).

Index tab dividers allow your customer to get straight to what they’re looking for without leafing through the entire three-ring binder and becoming frustrated with the lack of organization.  With titles that summarize the following chapter,  customers can turn straight to the section they want to know more about within seconds  –in today’s fast paced environment that is crucial.  Customers want organized information that is user friendly to help them efficiently achieve their tasks.

Index tabs also allow you to use multiple colors to sort and segregate the information you’re presenting. 

If you don’t want a variety of mylar colors, you can instead choose a solid color throughout or no color at all (clear mylar).   You may want to highlight just one index tab out of the row for example to draw attention to an important point –Emergency Phone Numbers, Pricing, Rules and Regulations, or Contact Numbers are a few we’ve come across.

Index tabs titles should be kept short and easy to understand.  With titles such as Pricing, Schematics, New Products, About Us , Resources etc. the customer can be drawn into finding out more about who you are as a company and why they should do business with you.  Consider what your customer will want to know within the first few minutes of receiving your book and create your tabs using that as a guideline.

The most common index tab divider will be made from a white index paper and have titles printed on the tab extension in black ink –this is by far the most common option, but certainly not the only option.

You can  change paper color, ink color, or move to a more complex design with four color process (photographs) that cover the entire sheet of the tab.  Of course, the more complex the design, the more it will cost, but  the investment  in this Sales Tool will usually have an excellent ROI because you have communicated exactly what you have to offer in an easy-to-understand way.

Previously I mentioned that this is an advertising piece that should represent WHO you are and WHAT you will bring to the table for your customer.

This is a concept sometimes overlooked as purchasers seek the lowest costs without comparing quality.  All Index Tabs are not created equal  –most manufacturers are  running 90lb index (or thinner!)  index tabs off a copier.    This results in flimsy tabs with faded and even crooked titles. Not exactly the impression most businesses want to present.

Don’t be afraid to ask your vendor what paper weight they’re using and ask if it’s on a copier or better yet, ask for a sample!

Take the time to be sure you’re receiving a quality product that will help you add positive brand recognition for your business!

We invite you to check out our options for index tab dividers for your 3-ring or other binder, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss your company needs today.