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Do I Need Index Tabs for My Presentation Binder?

Find out why you should scratch those generic numbered tabs and instead choose custom index tab dividers for your presentation binders.

colorful binder tabs: Binders Inc. Binder Design and Branding Article

Presenting your information in a well-organized manner is a vital part of conveying a high level of professionalism to prospective clients, customers and partners. One way to accomplish this is by including index tabs within your presentation binder.

First, let’s discuss the many uses of index tab dividers and the benefits derived from making use of index tabs.

Index Tab Divider Basics

Index tabs have a plethora of uses—from marking important passages in instruction manuals and catalogs to improving organization and accessibility of employee handbooks and presentation binders.

Index tabs work to keep the sections of a binder divided into orderly sections. When properly utilized, these specific sections, marked by tabs, allow you to find information quickly when a client is looking for information during or after the presentation, or to help employees easily locate important company policies.

Additionally, index tab dividers also work to show your clients that you’ve put forth your full effort to ensure your message is clear—all while leaving your presentation concise, crisp and easy to follow.

While you could rush out to your local office supply store and purchase hundreds of index tabs and host a DIY session, you would be much better off ordering custom index tabs for your specific needs. Not only do custom-made index tabs work more effectively to divide your information, they also help prove a finished product that looks more professional and customized.

Overall, by taking the extra effort to order quality products for your custom binders, your clients will learn to equate your brand to the same high level of quality.

Tips for Using Index Tabs

Without putting forth much effort, you can probably discern how index tab dividers should be used for your business’s needs. However, here are a few tips and tricks you can employ to get the best possible results from your index tabs:

1. Count the number of sections you’ll need ahead of time.

This is especially true if you’re ordering custom index tab dividers. You need to know exactly how many sections you’ll be dividing your information into. To do this, think about the range of topics you wish to cover in your material or presentation. Decide if you want to use multiple styles of tabs and whether or not page holders or pockets would be beneficial to your clients.

2. Make your labels useful.

When purchasing custom index tabs, chances are the decisions you’re making will be permanent. Therefore, be certain about the labels you use for your binder tabs. If the labels are not specific enough, your clients will not understand what each section is about; if your tabs are too specific, you may end up with way more tabs than you intended.

3. Consider allowing for growth.

Although #2 suggests a sense of ultimate permanence, it is always possible for you to build in a way for your binders to be expanded. For instance, you could provide a number of blank tabs that they can be manually labeled later.

4. Mix and match tab styles.

This is helpful for separating sections from subsections. You can accomplish this by using one size or color for sections and another size or color for subsections. The options are virtually limitless.

The Case for Using Index Tab Dividers

Index tab dividers can be useful for many different scenarios. For example, index tabs can be utilized internally to help keep your own business’s information orderly, or externally for client presentations and customer materials. By using custom tabs to keep your own information orderly, you can simultaneously convey a sense of purpose to employees, which helps boost team morale. If you’re using your tabs for external client binders, custom dividers will convey a sense of professionalism through a clean, crisp presentation.

Regardless of the many reasons to use index tabs in presentation binders, the ultimate decision should be left up to the binder designer. Despite these benefits and others, if the index tab system won’t be a good fit or negatively effects binder usability, the system should not be forced.

When it comes to index tabs, Binders Inc. delivers more than your basic tab divider. We offer a plethora of styles, colors, materials and accessories to help give you an edge and put your best foot forward during any client presentation. Contact us or call 1-800-962-1807 for prompt and professional service or for any questions regarding our Index Tab Dividers.


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