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Binder Upgrade Option – Inside pockets

Learn how Inside Pockets make your binders massively more usable at a minimal cost

Inside pockets blue binderInside pockets play a vital role in three ring binder usability.  The "inside pocket" simply refers to the fact that it covers about half of the inside front (and/or back) panel of the binder.  The standard design calls for the pocket to be horizontal and measure approximately 5" tall (for standard 11" x 8.5" sheet size binders).

Inside pockets are an inexpensive add-on allowing for odd size or un-punched sheets to be a part of the binder’s contents.

They also offer customization to suit your binder plan.

When purchasing a custom binder, costs can vary depending on quantity, ring size and add-on options such as outside cover design and inside pocketing.  On average, an inside pocket will run less than a turn at the bubble gum machine. It is by far the least expensive and most aesthetically pleasing add-on.

If you choose "no pockets" but later change your mind, you will be forced to settle for an adhesive self-applying versionThis creates the difficult task of applying the pocket(s) straight and neatly.  Plus, you run the risk of adverse reaction between the adhesive of the "stick on pocket" with the vinyl.

The value of inside pockets is best explained as the ability to include the following items in your binder:

    Inside front pocket with business card holder

  • Un-punched sheets
  • Hand outs
  • Brochures
  • Postcard size materials
  • Other odd-shaped materials

Materials collected within the course of using your three-ring binder do not always have punched holes or are too small to be punched (standard size).

Inside front pocket black binderSo what do you do with these pieces?  If you have an inside pocket, you can place them in the pocket for later reference.  If no pocket exists, the likelihood that you will of lose or trash this material increases.

The beauty of a custom binder is that you can tailor it to your specific needs.  You can choose an inside front pocket, an inside back pocket, or both!    

(Keep in mind, when selecting the inside back pocket option that custom binders with d-rings mounted to the back cover may impede the accessibility of the pocket.)

Inside front and back pockets white binderThe inside pocket can be made in a clear vinyl or in the vinyl color to match the rest of the binder.  Choosing the clear vinyl choice will allow the pages or marketing materials that you insert into the pocket to be fully visible.  If you choose an opaque vinyl to match the color of the rest of your binder, the inside pocket will function the same  but will hide part of the inserted sheet  you perhaps do not want to be read.

If you decide to use a business card holder then the perfect placement is centered on top of an inside pocket so it is still visible after pages are inserted into the pocket.

Inside pockets are a welcome addition to any binder.  They are an inexpensive add-on that:

  • Ramps up the usability of your custom binder
  • Provides a solution to un-punched or odd size sheets
  • Offers customized features that make your presentation(s) stand out from the rest

Would you like more information about inside pockets?  Our experienced Sales Representatives are just a phone call 800-962-1807 or email away at .  Let us know how we can help today, or continue reading our Upgrade Option article series for more information about common upgrades to custom three-ring binders.