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Heavy Duty 3-Ring Binders: Standing the Test of Time

No one wants to spend money on cheap binders that will fall apart, succumb to the elements, or fall prey to the hazards of office filing systems. That’s why our three-ring binders are top quality and heavy duty. Built to last, not to fall apart.

Our two types of custom binders – poly and vinyl – are manufactured with the utmost quality and care, using heavy duty materials.

Poly Binders

heavy duty poly binderPoly binders are made from a solid piece of poly that is scored for the spine folds of the binder. They come in several gauges from thin to thick (.023, .035, .055, .075 and .110). The heavier gauges are best used when outside or in the elements. Poly binders are extremely durable and will hold up in extreme heat or cold. Poly binders are also terrific in heavy use environments such as

• Schools
• Athletic teams
• MSDS Folders
• Warehouse reference manuals
• Industrial and manufacturing

Vinyl Binders

strong vinyl binderVinyl binders have a sturdy rigid cover. They are non-flexible and come with a standard 110-point rigid chipboard; they can also be made with 120-point chipboard. A woven material called skrim can be added to the spines to help extend their useful life. Vinyl binders tend to wear on the spines more due to opening and closing. Skrim can help reinforce the spine. Like our poly binders, our vinyl binders do well in heavy use applications, including:

• Churches and religious organizations
• Seminars and training events
• Schools
• Industrial and manufacturing
• MSDS folders

We are positive we can customize the perfect heavy duty three ring binders for you. Our website contains more info on each binder type, as well as pros and cons for different applications. We don’t just want to sell you binders; we want to create the right binder for your needs.

Contact us today to build your better binder! Call 1-800-962-1807 for immediate service or for questions regarding your custom binders.

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