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Three Ring Binders

Stress Reliever: The System of 3 Ring Binders and Index Tabs

During a typical work week for the white collar worker, it could get a little frantic at times with all the new clients being acquired and the various project deadlines. Some employees break under pressure and find themselves losing important documents, searching for reports, turning in assignments late or just scrambling their existence because of disorganization. Instead of piling on piles of paper work, you can save and manage your time more efficiently by changing the way you prioritize your work load. The real answer lies in working smarter and more organized. Being organized can reduce the amount of stress you feel in your daily life and make it easier to get things done. Using Binders, Inc’s system of 3 ring binders and index tabs can assist you in accomplishing this goal of efficiency.

When it comes down to it, our binders have always been a reliable office supply since the beginning of business times. Why do you think we still use them today? With technology advancing everyday, many people are relying on computers for scheduling and prioritizing. Is this a good idea? Computers are one of the most reliable tools in the work force today, however, accidents can and will happen. I’m sure you or a close friend of yours has had problems with computers such as losing files or computer crashes/freezes.

Why not turn to the trusted 3 ring binder? Our binders are convenient for creating your own reference book and storage folder for any important documents and assignments. The best part is, you’ll never have to worry about losing your files! After labeling each binder (ranges from a ½ inch to as large as 4 inches) for most of your position’s major responsibilities, our binder system will enable you to retrieve or to verify the documents more quickly rather than wasting time rummaging through a heap of papers.

Let’s say you have an important meeting with a potential client. Your boss is breathing down your neck reminding you every second, it seems, that your new account is THE BIG CATCH of the year. How likely will the client trust in your product or service if your presentation is not organized? If your reaction to a client’s question is fumbling through a stack of papers and repeating, Uh…um…hold that thought, you are probably not going to win the client’s interest. The best way to avoid this embarrassing situation and to approach it more efficiently is to utilize our binders and index tabs.

Binders, Inc. products can range from standard vinyl and poly binders, to clear view and entrapment binders, even custom screen printed binders. We also produce index tabs and tab dividers, as well as padfolios and wire binding. As an extra service, we provide preparation of handbooks for your presentation!