Custom Printed Binders

Print your custom logo on Vinyl Binders or Poly Binders. Encourage Brand Recognition.

  • SCREEN PRINTING: Your art design can be printed in 1, 2, 3 or more colors including four color process (full color). You can print on the front, spine and/or back cover of the binder as well as the inside. Bleeds, halftones, heavy coverage will need to priced separately.

  • ENTRAPMENT: For four color process designs on quantities under 1000 qty., you should consider the Entrapment method for cost savings. The entrapment method uses four color process printing which allows for photographs, heavy coverage, fine halftones, tight registration and unlimited design potential.

  • Designing: Templates are available in most of our common sizes; or, create a template yourself using our dimension sheet. Please request Templates and Dimension Sheets from your sales representative.

  • Ink Color: We print black and white ink, but also custom mix inks in house to match most PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers. If your PMS# match is critical, you may request a press proof ahead of time. A sample material piece with your custom color and design will be printed and sent to you prior to printing the entire order. Your sales representative will be happy to discuss the additional cost involved and let you know if this will add extra time to your delivery.

  • Vinyl and Poly Color: We offer many standard vinyl colors and poly colors to choose from. It is important to consider how the color you are using for your artwork will appear on the backdrop of material. For example, printing dark ink colors on dark material choices will show more like a watermark or “barely there” appearance, as will printing light ink colors on light material choices. Certain colors may be too bright to be achieved on certain dark background colors and may require a white ink underlay or double hit printing. If you have an idea of the artwork color (PMS#) and material color you wish to use, please discuss your color combination concern with your sales representative. They will be happy to provide their expertise.

  • Rivets: If your binder has exposed rivets, it is important to note whether they are exposed to the spine or the back cover and keep that location in mind while designing. Our templates have rivets already noted so you can be sure to keep your printed artwork from being punched through or hidden by the rivets. If your Vinyl binder design calls for printing in the rivet area you may consider using a Rivetless ring metal, or if your design must be placed in the rivet area please discuss this with your sales representative. Printing at the rivet area on Poly binders is problematic and may add additional charges. Additionally there is no rivetless option available for poly binders.

  • Limitations: There are some limitations when screen printing vinyl or poly binders. If your design includes a bleed off the edge of the binder, moderate to heavy coverage, tight registration or halftones (screens) you should communicate this to your sales representative. Depending on your unique design and item, these features may require an additional charge. This information is listed on each quote sheet as a reminder.

Our sales team will be happy to explain the custom printing options available as well as answer any questions you may have. Contact us or call 1-800-962-1807 for immediate service or for any questions regarding our custom printed vinyl and poly binders.

For information on Ring Capacities, Sheet Sizes, Pocketing, and Ring Styles, please visit the Vinyl Binders or Poly Binders pages.

ArmorCore - front view:
.75-inch Entrapment Binder 11 x 8.5 sheet size
Bell - front view:
Poly binder printed 1-color (white)
CSI - front view:
Poly binder with die cut window, printed 1-color (black)
DDD - front view:
Vinyl binder, printed 2-colors (blue, black)
Foreclosure - front view:
Poly binder, printed 1-color (white)
MD2U - front view:
Vinyl binder, printed 2-colors with graduated screen bar (red, blue)
Meltebeke - front view:
Vinyl binders, printed 2-colors (green, black)
NW Benefit - front view:
Vinyl binder, printed 5-colors (blue, dark orange, light orange, yellow, white)
PacPaper - front view:
Round ring - large
RVSM - front view:
1-inch Entrapment Binder 11 x 8.5 sheet size
ThisEndUp - front view:
Vinyl binder, printed 1-color (white)
Unistrut - front view:
Vinyl binder, printed 1-color (white)
UVU - front view:
Poly binder, printed 2-colors (white, green)
WReeves - front view:
Vinyl binder, printed 2-colors (black, red)
Apollo - front view:
Vinyl binder, printed 3-colors (Brown, White, Black)
Castilian Black Vinyl Gold Foil Stamping
Zoom In
Castilian Black Vinyl Gold Foil Stamping
Castilian Green Vinyl Gold Screen Printing
Castilian Green Vinyl Gold Screen Printing
Zoom In
Debossing image on Castilian vinyl
Total Force - front view
Montana Print vinyl printed 1-color, zoom in
Total Force - front view
Montana Print vinyl printed-1-color
Precision Rifle - front view:
.75-inch / Poly Binder / Small sheet size / Printed 1-color
Precision Rifle - Inside view:
-.75-inch / Poly Binder / Small sheet size / Painted black 6-ring

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