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A New Year, A New Look: Custom Entrapment Binders and Four Color Process Printing

What does your company need to get a running start on 2016?? Entrapment binders.

Why entrapment binders, you ask?

Because they can be customized to your exact specifications, they have an extremely professional appearance, and the four color printing process will make your brand pop. Entrapment binders utilize entrapment sheets, which are printed on a high quality digital or offset press and then permanently sealed under clear vinyl. Since the sheets essentially become part of the binder, they will not shift or move after sealing – nor can they be removed. The sheets are sealed on all four sides of each binder panel.

In addition to the “permanency” of the binder, the four color printing process will make your custom entrapment binders instantly impressive. Those of you in the printing world already know all about the four color process. For those of you who don’t: in the simplest terms, we can print anything and the full color range is available. In this process, there are four main colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black – referred to as CMYK). When these four colors are mixed in the proper proportions, they can produce the entire spectrum of the rainbow and then some. It is a bit more involved than “mixing,” but hopefully you get the general idea. Everyone likes a colorful binder.

Who might need entrapment binders?

Anyone and everyone, of course! Because of their professional appearance, entrapment binders are the perfect way to communicate your product and brand to your customers, clients and your internal office staff. Some of our recommended uses are product catalogs, employee handbooks, instruction manuals, wine lists, teaching guides, menus, and distribution manuals.

And as with all of our binders, entrapment binders are completely customizable. Any ring size is available, and several (paper) sheets sizes are available as well. We can add pockets to the inside panels, business card holders, you name it. Your custom entrapment binders can even be padded with foam, creating a plush feel to your binder panels. Fancy!

Check out our website for additional binder options. If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us. We can figure it out and make exactly what you need. How great is that?!

As always, our sales team will be happy to explain the custom entrapment binder options available. Call 1-800-962-1807 for immediate service or for questions regarding your custom entrapment binders.