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Perception is 9/10ths of reality. How are you perceived by your customers?

Your “brand” is the way your customer perceives you.  People recognize your brand (logo/name) including your color schemes faster than reading text alone.  Your logo becomes your brand and that brand becomes a symbol of dependability and trust in the market.  Brand awareness is everywhere.

From tight shots of Coke cans in movies to low angle shots of a car as the star of the show drives up in their Ford Fusion Hybrid, proving that they are middle class plus environmentally friendly.

You not only want your brand to be recognizable but want it say who you are and what you stand for as a company.  The type of three ring binder you hand to your customer says something about your company but the question is, “What does it say?”  The even better question is, “What do you want it to say?”

High end vinyl binders, fancy binders
Castilian Vinyl Binder with Padded Panels


If your target market is a high-end client with large ticket purchases, then you should put forth a rich and elegant custom binder that displays the level at which you both intend to operate.  This binder boasts leather-like Castilian vinyl, cushioned panels and your logo debossed or foil stamped.



Encased, four color process printing
Entrapment Binders-Full Color Design



If your target audience will relate to vibrant photography that tells the story of who you are, then an Entrapment binder should do nicely.




Custom printed binders
1 Color Screen Printed Vinyl Binder


Sometimes your target is more functionally minded and doesn’t need a fancy binder or to be mesmerized with photography and just needs an organized unit that has your name/logo so they can recognize your printed binder quickly.  This functional market is the most common and easy to please with a single color printed vinyl or poly binder.



We invite you to learn more about the importance of custom binders and your brand 

Our minimum binder order is 25 quantity with a significant price break at 100 quantity. Do you have questions about designing your custom printed binders?  Our experienced staff is available to assist you by email or just a phone call away at 800-962-1807.