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6 Factors That Go into Making a High-Quality Custom Binder

Cyclone DrillingA high-quality binder is one that is perfect for its job. Whether that’s making a marketing splash with a premium presentation, branding corporate training materials, creating attractive document storage, or protecting important papers, these tips will help you get the right binder.

1. Select The Right Binder

There are many types of binders—you want one that’s best for how and where you’ll use it. They are made with different materials, so they are each suited for different uses.

Hardcover Elegance

For a stylish look, a sturdy build, and the flexibility to customize unique sizes, select a paper turned edge (also called casemade or casebound) binder. Or get an even more sophisticated and refined look with a cloth-covered linen turned edge binder.

Stand-Up Solidity
Vinyl binders stand up on their own to create a sturdy marketing piece or a great organizational tool for office shelves. There are three ways to add artwork to vinyl binders:

  • Print directly onto the vinyl – Often the least expensive option, printing on vinyl is perfect when you don’t need full coverage.
  • Use an entrapment binder – Get a crisper image than printing on vinyl and extra protection for your artwork by printing on paper and sealing it under clear vinyl.
  • Purchase clear view binders – Get maximum flexibility and reusability with clear vinyl pockets on the covers that let you print on paper and slide it in yourself.

Heavy-Duty Protection
Poly binders are highly durable, heat-resistant, waterproof and stain resistant. They are the best choice for outdoor, medical, or industrial settings, or anywhere you need a binder that is easily cleaned, protects the papers inside, and endures heavy use without ripping or cracking.

Eco Binders offer the sturdiness of vinyl binders minus the vinyl, making them a less expensive and more environmentally friendly option.

Paper binders have all the storage options of other binders, but in a lighter version, perfect if you’re shipping a box to a trade show or carrying a pile into a meeting.

2. Pick Premium Touches

These premium touches deliver refinement and sophistication for a highly professional or luxurious presentation.

Hidden Rivets
For smooth, uninterrupted cover artwork, hidden rivet heads hold the ring mechanism in the binder without being visible on the spine.

Simulated Leather
You can add the expensive look and soft feel of high-end leather at a lower cost by using Castilian vinyl to create leather-like binders. Combine with padding for maximum polish. 

For a plush, rich feel and a high-class executive look, padded binders are vinyl binders with a layer of foam between the paperboard and the vinyl covering.

Specialty Pockets
You can add customized pockets to hold almost anything. Add label pockets on the spine to create an organizational system. Add business card pockets to a marketing binder. You can even add specialized pockets for CDs, DVDs, or flash drives.

Custom Cases
For a very sophisticated look and extra protection for your binders, get custom slipcases printed to match your binders.

3. Add Organization

Once you’ve selected your binder, you may want to create an organizational system within it.

Build in Extra Storage
To create a dedicated spots for brochures, catalogues, or other materials you don’t want to punch holes in, add interior pockets.

Create Categories
To brand and organize binders, customize index tabs with your featured colors, logos, images, forms, or information. They come in both paper and poly. Paper tabs can be reinforced with MylarÒ to reduce wear and to color code your organizational system or presentation.

4. Build in Protection

To keep your materials looking fresh, you may want to add a little extra protection.

Reduce Wear and Tear
Sheet lifters are rigid pieces of plastic that slide onto binder rings to help you lift sheets easily around the rings, reducing stress on the paper, and preventing tearing.

Protect Important Papers
Sheet protectors are three-hole-punched vinyl sleeves that protect individual sheets and make them easy to access.

5. Add Eye-Catching Artwork

After picking your binder, work with a graphic artist to add just the right artwork to make your binder stand out in a crowd. Any one of these imprint options is great alone—or combine them for an outstanding brand statement.

Brand with Color
You can achieve a high-quality look using either four-color process or spot colors. Four color printing layers cyan, magenta, yellow and black to get a full range of colors. It’s great for photos and full-color artwork. Spot colors are single ink colors used for graphic elements such as logos.

Shine with Foil Stamping
Make your design pop with foil. Foil stamping uses foil film to create a reflective finish on text or graphic elements. The most used ones are metallic, but they can also be used for a blast of color.

Add Dimension with Debossing
Debossing adds an elegant touch by depressing an area in the design to create a three-dimensional impression.

6. Ensure Perfect Production

Between placing the order and shipping, your printer has several points when they should ensure you’ll get a high-quality final product. This is the quality assurance process used by Binders, Inc.

To ensure there are no mistakes in your artwork file that could lead to production errors, the file is reviewed as soon as it is received.

Sales Order
Once the sales order is created, the artwork file is matched to any information you supply such as colors, binder type, position of artwork elements, rings, and special instructions. 

Before production begins, the production department matches the job ticket information with a sample – either a previous run or a digital print out.

The finishing department verifies the printed material by matching it to the sample as well as checking for any other issues.

At Binders, Inc. our extensive, hands-on knowledge helps you design a binder that works perfectly for your business. We can help you select the right standard binder or create a perfect custom binder and we’ll ensure outstanding production. To discuss your binder needs, please feel free to contact us by email anytime, or by phone weekdays.